W.O.V.E.N. Women’s Ministry

We are woven through the fabric of life created by the hands of God. Pastor Leasa vision for the Women of Marvelous Light church (W. O. V. E. N) is to be united as one in Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose & Mission-We purpose to teach women to have a greater understanding of their potential and destiny in Christ. By using biblical principles from the inspired word of God we strive to build up self-esteem, inspire, motivate and empower women. We purpose to serve as catalysts for change-in the way we think, act, work, and live. We lead by example through our daily lives.  We purpose to face the challenges of life with relentless courage and determination. We purpose to share our resources to help improve the lives of others and community and children.

3 Responses to W.O.V.E.N. Women’s Ministry

  1. kalsoom says:

    In Pakistan we are doing God,s work through many ways.
    i am preaching the young girls.
    as you know it is difficult for christian girls to get education due to poverty.so i am giving start an education in villages and kilns.we distribute Bible and Literature. pleas give your veins about it.if you have any literature pleas tell us.
    of you wish to come to Pakistan we will welcome you or you can give you message on Skype any time.
    God bless you and your ministry work.
    Please reply us soon,
    Kalsoom Javed

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