About MLC

pastorsAfter hearing the call of God and receiving Pastors Fred and Inez Hickson’s blessings, Lincoln and Leasa Corbin made a move of faith to launch a ministry of their own. Hence, on May 3, 1998 the Marvelous Light Church was officially established. Ahead were thousands of days of faith trials, challenges and frustrations, triumphs and victories, happiness and joy.

With their three teenage children – sons, Lincoln Jr. and Drake, and daughter, Kaleiah – as their only members, Pastors Lincoln and Leasa Corbin were faithful to the call of God in their lives – to pastor, to serve and to teach.

Today, nineteen years later, the Marvelous Light Church is a multiracial, inter-generational ministry that has a growing congregation of wise elderly, experienced adults, young professionals, adolescent and teenage children. It runs numerous outreach and empowerment ministries targeted at the residents of the Southern New Jersey region. Over the past decade Marvelous Light Church food ministry has supported hundreds of households and individuals. The church operates a successful evangelistic ministry that reaches out to the elderly in rehabilitation facilities with worship, prayer and support. Through its highly anointed music and praise dance teams, Marvelous Light ministers to members of local and adjacent communities. The men and women’s empowerment ministries help many people to understand God’s divine plan in their lives. The church’s leadership reaches out to the sick and shut-in at hospitals and homes with prayer, communion, encouragement and support.

The Marvelous Light Church, led by Pastors Lincoln and Leasa Corbin, is faithful and persistent in its work for God. The vision of the church is grand and the mission is of high importance. The first decade has been fruitful and challenging. We know that the next 10 years will be even more demanding, but the outcome and the impact of the ministry on the lives of thousands of souls will be the true reward.