Mission and Vision

MLC Mission Statement:  To bring God’s people into a fuller understanding of the divine purpose of their lives through biblical principles and evangelizing.


The Vision of the Marvelous Light Church consists of seven interconnected components:

Vision for People:                            Marvelous Light Church is called to reach out to every person who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Vision for Evangelism:                                                                                                             Marvelous Light Church is called to spread the gospel among the people of God.

Vision for Church Family:                                                                                               Marvelous Light Church is called to build a strong, loving, prayerful, supporting and caring church family.

Vision for Spiritual Maturity:                                                                                         Marvelous Light Church is called to equip the people of God with biblical knowledge and wisdom and lead them to spiritual maturity.

Vision for Empowerment:                                                                                                        Marvelous Light Church is called to holistically empower God’s people for the work of God.

Vision for God’s Property:                                                                                                  Marvelous Light Church is called to build the House of the Lord and use God’s property to advance His vision.

 Vision for International Ministry:                                                                                         Marvelous Light Church is called to expand its ministry internationally and support the people of God where it is most needed.